Get Back Up

When I'm biting the dust and eating the dirt,

and when life pushes me to my knees,

I get back up.

I look at the bright side.

When life hands me a lemon and it squirts in my eye,

or I've fallen into a patch of thorns by the side of a road,

I get back up.

I don't wait or tomorrow, I do it now.

Nothing holds me back.

When I'm slapped in the face by the one I love.

and my cheek is numb and aches with pain

stinging, smarting, screaming,

I get back up.

There's always someone whose troubles are worse.

So I tilt my cheek to the sun.

I feel the warmth, the heat, the energy

and I stand tall. Nothing holds me back.

Tomorrow is a new day, but I won't wait.

I'll pick up the shards of my broken dreams and aspirations,

and mend them with my steely determintion.

And, I'll do it today. Nothing will hold me back.

I know I can if I try.

Because if I don't, I will be lost in the space of time,

Biting the dust.




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