poetry slam behind the curtain

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When your words hurt, I smile. When an opportunity presents itself, I hesitate. When a new friend is granted, I distance myself. When charity is offered to me, I ponder accepting it. When your words hurt, I smile.
I'm reading all the volumes of my world So I can use the values I desire. When characters are new I do inquire So attributes of mine and theirs are swirled. I grasp the knowledge as if I am knurled
I—glass shard— reflection   Cut, on closer looks,   My dearest who? sees   Me, but eye cry   Not for hi horses
My name is Sam. A name given to me by my mother and father whom I love, I love all those who share my blood, yet they don't know the whole of me. I was born in tremendous love
You look at me and you see what I want you to see You see the glitz and glammer
When I'm biting the dust and eating the dirt, and when life pushes me to my knees, I get back up. I look at the bright side. When life hands me a lemon and it squirts in my eye,
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