"Georgia Sky's"


As I sit on the porch at two a.m.

Staring at the stars glistening in the sky.

Like diamonds on a wedding ring.

It makes me wonder...

How did they get to where they are today?
Or. Why do they look like a diamond from far away?

Some say science has everything to do with it.

But others, including I believe.

That God placed each and every one in a very particular place.

Just like you and I.

Everywhere you are you can see them,

But the ones here

Are the most beautiful.

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I actually did sit on a porch. It was a beautiful night in Southern Georgia, I stayed up all night just staring at the sky that night. Though I experienced it, I did not write this poem until two months later when I had come up to North Dakota. I remember that night like it was yesterday. The full moon, the stars filling the sky... just mesmerizing ... I consider Georgia my home, and this is one of my last connections I have with it.

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