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I was born out of two genocides.
The first of European colonization the destruction of my Aztec bloodline,
by my blonde hair green eyed grandfather making me Mexican,
being that I was born and raised on our fertile land...
The second the destruction of native brothers and sisters who were killed and put into reservations by people who renamed the land,
These two genocides make me Mexican American being that I was born into the Clinton Administration.
I am left with half my ancestors dead,
and the rest on a European country overseas...
Never being or considered either,
I am considered white on certain standardized tests,
because I hardly see Mexican American as an option.

I will be somewhere in between an Aztec calendar and a Spanish faith my textbooks claim my ancestors blindly accepted.
In between the U.S and Mexico because I am too Mexican here but too American there.
Somewhere in between celebrating Halloween or the day of the dead-- neither of which my mom considers real.
Somewhere in between Spain and England because Spanglish seems to be my most fluent tongue.

STUCK, somewhere in between a race and an ethnicity,
because being a "minority" makes me feel minor,
and a "race" makes me feel like I'm actually any different.

They call us aliens when referring to a status,
and aliens by doubting our abilities to build our own pyramids...

Brown architectures are stitched on to my skin and beautifully engraved onto my soul,
because seeing Aztec art,
makes me feel like a masterpiece.

I am a bird,
and just like the phoenix I rise out of ashes after destruction,
because like my Iroquois people, I think seven generations ahead.

Please allow me to divide and conquer my goals,
because I,
have a dream.



The reason I decided to write this poem is because I started thinking a lot about who I am when I learned more about the city I am from in Mexico. I have a direct Aztec bloodline but, I can't consider myself fully Aztec because my grandfather was from Spain. Somewhere in Spain I have family members that I have no idea about. Unfortunately I can't or don't know if I can say the same with my Aztec bloodline because they were killed off. Even though I am documented I hate that they refer to people as "aliens". All those documentaries doubting my peoples abilities to build their own pyramids are hard to watch people I've been to the ruins just a couple miles from the city. Since I am American I love learning about the people who were in America prior to Columbus. My favorite are the Iroquois because they believed in sustainability and thought "Seven Generations ahead". This basically refers to taking care of the Earth and maintain it the same for the next generations. I live in a primarily Hispanic and black community so the civil rights movement is something I can refer to as part of my struggle. Martin Luther King Jr. is an inspiration to me because he used non-violent tactics that I think were necessary because they viewed our people as savages and "equal but separate". This poem is basically just thoughts I had one very long night that I had to write a poem about.

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