That Genius Kid

Thu, 02/13/2014 - 16:07 -- zekiahj



Sitting in the class don’t know what you’re talking about

You finished the lesson and I am having to do the work Huh?

A boy nudge me to ask a questioned What?

But here he comes to the rescue his intelligence and wit clears

the air of confusion with a simple Yup! is what he says when

someone successfully decipher the teacher’s code

Gazing upon him in admiration Me! wanting to become like

him So I did something that I’d never thought doing

I dream to be his padawan so ask him to be my tutor of social studies

He looks a little troubled at first but he’s smile warm up as like

seeing me a test for himself Alright! but I won’t be too easy

his words excites me this is my time to become that smart kid

It was gruesome he wasn’t the least bit hesitate he taught as if he was

a scholar of history added with my own initiative his training

was yes intense but it he was kind

through the whole process  In the last years of high school

I never seen so many straight A’s in my life

The instant I saw him I ran to him and yelling

96 and he simply he says Yup.


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