Stupid girl

She was called

You think you can contribute?

You’re so tiny in this world

You may as well be mute

You’ll never get a word in

The Big Men are talking

A girl can’t play their game, they would  never win


Boring girl

She was called

All you do is study

You’re a young lady

Join a sorority, go party, or

Find yourself a hubby!

Women shouldn’t be reading

Or educated anyways

Do you want to be alone, living out your days??


Bitchy Girl

She was called

Why are you so cold

No one here likes you

You’re frigid and stern

Never having any fun

Suck up to the boss

That’s how the men get things done!


Spinster Girl

She was called

Working longs nights and double shifts

Going to extra classes when she could

Not resting one bit

A workaholic

Single, and alone


Smart girl

They called her, patting her on the back

Genius some say, imagine that

A brain surgeon, the top in her class

She’s the best in her field, never in last

How did she do it?

Her father was the same way

It must be in her genes they say.





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