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Hello my name is Benjamin
Like I don’t know what rhymes with Benjamin
Or this bed I’m in
All I know is how dead I’ve been

If I tried to sing
I guarantee your head will be going ding a ling
When I surf the web for rhymes
I use the google forget the bing

Bling bling is that really all what life’s about?
Where we kick and pout?
Acting like we always need to shout!
Or is it that bang bang violence
Our pointing fingers disturbing the silence

Where the world is so lacking
We always see people packing
Packing heat
Packing bags
Packing beats
Packing lag

Rufuse of the homeland condition
Uprooted and gone
Eviction signs on your lawn

War torn victims PTSD
They just don’t know who to be
The soldier or the patient
The son or the father
The Husband or the man

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Worse because it has no borders
It cuts far deeper than complicated orders
Turning humans into emotional hoarders

They fought in the combat zone
Now they struggle with their own battles at home

Depression sits in
Young boys and girls ending their lives
Haven’t even begun yet
Turning to satisfactory violence
Hate crimes, Anger, Lust, and Murder.
There are those who can take it even further

But it’s all the same, those emotions of crime
That chip away time after time
At the human condition
People always acting on their own volition

Check yourself now
Listen don’t fall into that trap
The hand that travels fast
Is the one that never slacks
It only hacks

Independent, without thought
The very people fought
Now do you remember when?
This age old question applied in full
To those deep scarring wounds
Like a remedy
That is keeping me
From the center of the circle
Living on the edge
Where there is only black, white
No room for gray
No room to stay
You keep moving even if you don’t see it
Eventually you’ll feel it

And now the media's
Been feeding us
For life
And to deal with strife

To gain
Critical acclaim
And fame
It’s the name of the game
But it’s all the same
It doesn’t matter where you aim
Or point the blame

Your life’s empty
Living like you’ll always be twenty-one
For the money
Two for the show
And three to get ready
But where did time go?
And why’re we so low?
Seems the only place left to go
Is home

Like the prodigal child
Neither tender nor mild
Due to a lifestyle of wild

And they keep telling me:
Boy you rhyme too much
And you smile too much
Most of all you’re a child too much
Too much to be successful…
And Well I say hell no!

Now Granted I’m no expert, y’all gotta come on down to see
What this world can be
When we’re all living and free

Of this system, That fails to meet.
Your expectations
It’s flirtatious
It just isn’t spacious
Enough in this world to dance around with the devil and death.

While I’m living and free
You be living in greed
Devils dancing with glee
And he ain't gonna leave

Until Christ hits home
Homies we all gotta believe
That’s why every morning and night
Mothers get up to plead for plight
And light
For the path that is right

The winding path for the walking
While the demons be stalking
Preying on those who are slaving
Rotting away
Falling away
From the vine…He is
And We are his branches
Fighting with spears and lances
But we losing our chances

I feel like we’re dances with wolves
And unknown
Can you even see how the time has flown?

God is not a drone
Who will pick at your bones
Or condone
God is my father to whom I pray
To light the way
Every single God given day
So I say


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