Gathering Up The Strength To Carry On

Stuck on a island all alone

Wanting, Desiring to go back home

Cell phone? Friends? Family? Food?

Oh Lord what do I do?

Waiting here trying to escape 

Looking left then right

There seems no way

Loosing hope but gaining faith

Loosing hope but gaining faith

Only having my Bible here with me

Teaches me more then anything

Where there's a will there's a way

Even though I have nothing else on this little abonded place

I have my bible and that's all it takes

When you have nothing, no one to get advice from 

Call on God. He WILL come.

He will give you the strength to carry on

He knows what your going through 

He knows what you can and can't do

Living by faith growing in spirit 

Keep pushing myself 

I can do this.

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