The Garden Where The Shadow Of Love Is..



Walking through the garden of our memories..

watering the flowers with coincide with our growth..


closing my eyes i breathe in the fresh air..

smiling at the thought of your touch & your tender loving care..


picking out the weeds..

i struggle..

healthy relationships often have cuts in which you bleed..


plotting down new seeds and anticipating the future beds..

our love will grow and shed new beginnings..


i look at the other flowers and trees..

& i twirl..


im surrounded by love and care..

the happiest feeling in the world..


can you see the passion of the deep ingrowth meaning of my love?

if you don't feel it by my words..


you'll feel it every time you look into my eyes..

you make my heart bloom

something new every time im next to you.


& i won't even think twice nor hesitate about these 3 words..

nor pick at a clover && see if i love him or not..


i can lay down surrounded by daffodils and tulips and put my face to the heavens..

and scream i love you

with the cheesest smile in the world..


& nothing will ever make me think twice bout being your girl.


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