Game Over

I'm tired

I miss you

You don't care

So why do I either bother writing how I feel

I tried with you

Over and over I failed with you

You didn't care

You brought me so many tears

Turned my happiness into fears

And when I told you what you did

You didn't fix it , you left me smiling different

I hate you

Okay maybe I really love you

But I want you to die

Seeing your face only brings up memories

I can't breathe when I think of you

Your name suffocates my heart

I want to scream

Maybe I should be the one to die

I gave my all

You made it seem wrong

Everything was my fault

The cheating , the leaving

We were never actually a couple

But since day one we connected like a pair

There was a time that I would've done anything for you

Including threatening a life when we both knew I was not that type of person

You changed me

For better or worst

I hate to admit that you made me

Open to new possibilities,

change, I used to think that it was for the better

Until you left me the day of the new year

This was supposed to be our chapter

You made it into a summary

"Never fall in love again , unless you want to be used again "

Is how I tell the summary

You hate the truth

You'd rather lie and pretend but I was the opposite I needed the proof

You made me seem crazy

You handed me lies as if they were roses

I used to think that was romantic

In reality it was all just toxic

You destroyed my loving sole

I often cry in silence

now I tell myself to be strong

But even the strongest bends

I couldn't turn into you I can't be the one to pretend

So here is the truth

I thought we were going to last

Dec 13 was supposed to be a fresh start for us

You ripped the thought of that away 5 seconds after it happened

From then I knew you couldn't be trusted

But my heart wouldn't let me stop trying

I couldn't just quit

There's was one time I gave up and it became my biggest regret I couldn't add a second I was not ready for it

But you had other plans

That didn't include me

Even though from the start you was the one who wanted this

I told you to prove it to me

You failed

I snapped

We argued

I blocked

You moved on the next day

Which makes me want to go back to the first day

Since then I've been wondering was any of it real

You played with my heart like monopoly

But there was no money involved

Good head and my goofiness was the prize

You are so selfish

You took so much from me and left me with nothing

I lost the game

There will never be a rematch because good games tie

We both died

There's was never a happy ending for us only  a happy beginning

Until next time , bud

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