Game of Life

Life is a tricky game to play

Coasting through, not a care in the world

Like kids in a game of hide-and-seek

Making each move, not knowing

What's behind the corner?

Growing older, time still isn't winning

Suddenly, the game isn't much fun anymore

Questioning why you started in the first place

You need luck, but the cards aren't in your favor

3/4 of the way through, adulthood is here

In this game, there is no "Get Out Of Jail Free" card

The only way out is to keep playing

You're hoping to God you can move back 3 spaces

Just as the game is near over,

You've figured out the rules

No more running around blindly,

No more running at all

It all makes sense now

But you can't restart once you've begun

Desperately trying to hold back time

But like always,

Time just won.



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