a game of chance


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(poems go here) I laid on her

like paper did to rock and suddenly we both refused to shoot out what exactly it is that sizer through our layers of mentally striped blue margins,

martins and Gina's inked in to sheets of what we failed to be, while that red line interrupted ,almost like it was saying "pardon me but sex is all that you'll see because you like me have foggy eyes drowning Ina sea of bullets shooting insecurities"

these four retinas refuse to retain a thought of accidents stoning in vain.

But hey that's why they say rock will always beat sizer.

But I bet that for two out of the three, paper only has the advantage because it's bleeding deceased butterflies that passed in attempt to flee now resurrected, but not because of the way my lips paper cut hers but because of how my exsistance will crumble its way into her lower lips scrapping and cutting, fringes on the sides of my sheets are like fingers, digging, and digging in, penetrating until I ink.

I am in you. Artificial unity.
No such thing as immunity.

A game of Chance one in which we advance by acting like we're not prancing above oceans of unforgiving rocks

Awaiting the fall that folds is into life lessons

And there we will be I then the sizer & you the newly shredded sheets,

rock , paper, sizer, shoot I'm sorry baby, there was a reason to my move...

commitment hits like more than a fisted rock more like a boulder and even though I'm now aware of how I just sexually transmitted this to your shoulders

I bet that if we sizer into our hearts mine would be colder

I'm a walking genocide

the anger that cuts through me, is one that rock, paper, sizer, shoots until, you like I swell in ink poisoning the ink of others' lucid anatomies

my ink decliningly medusized your face when the doctor laments ;" Uhh I'm sorry but it's not going to be okay."

& maybe if I too knew about the destiny a one night stand signed into me, thinking a cold would leave when really it was here on a permanent killing spree, it'll be out to get me, or shall I saw we?

Then the only rock we'll see will be 6 ft above us stating " rock, paper, sizer, shoot, we made the wrong moves."

I don't mean to be such an oxymoron, I know we all marry magdelines, borders between adventure & what you know is divine in his eyes.

let the sinless step forward and throw the first rock into the pit I have dug for me, or please just speak about my legendary "players" degree & how that's not worth a paper cutting disease.

Every day 7000 are contacted with HIV nearly 300 an hour.chose to live a life like mike, but don't chose to be like magic

dust is whats manuscribing your tale,

one never really knows how clean the hands you iron fisted away are just as how you'll never know how rock paper sizer sure you are about the stranger you wore as a sheet for those twelve minutes and forty seven seconds of what you swore was like reveries of childhood memories reminiscing on giggles & " ahh you cheated me.." 's

If only you knew.... That rock, paper, sizer, AIDES chose & cheated you.

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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

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