Galaxy within us


United States
33° 47' 15.6984" N, 117° 56' 1.2732" W

Morning and the inevitable sigh
A constant reminder of life
So bright in the eyes
Yet so empty from within

The universe, filled of wonders
And earth happens of be one of them
A small world, with small dreams
Compared to the vastness of galaxies

We exist, You and I, and everyone else
Billions of others just like us
On one small planet
In the great big milky way

We are so small
Yet our dreams contradict our existence
Some think dreams are foolish
Yet it is in all of us, deep down

The dream is hope, goals, inspiration!
Something, ANYTHING!
That thing that you dream of lives
Inside you, inside all of us

We are galaxies
Ultimate controllers of our lives
We envision our dreams
Dream and live

Live to Live, Not only basic survival
But to actually become more
More than a life of inevitable sighs
To become that something, that anything

Contradict your existence
And become your dream

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