"Future Marine"


United States
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I can’t believe the time has come
You’re gone away, so far from home
But I don’t blame you
It’s your dream
To become one of
The Few, The Proud, The Marines.

I realize more and more
Each day,
The bond we share
Will never go away.
I miss you dearly
And all I can do right now is pray.

Camp Pendleton has got your ass now!
And I’m sure it’s a rude awakening
I know you, though
You’re the toughest I’ve ever seen
You’ll be taught to be a Warrior, a Hero.
You’ll be taught to be a Marine.

I cannot wait to see
The man that you’ll become
You will stand for Honor, Courage and Commitment
Once boot camp is all done.
Your world will be so different
But you’ll still be you: hard-headed, annoying and strong.

You’ll be fighting in the air, on land and sea
But your home will still be here,
With mom, dad and me.
And if you ever wonder
If you’ll see me again
Your answer should be yes, you better not leave me yet!

Some say he’s immature,
Some say he’s quite stubborn
But they can call him what they want
The most important thing
Is what I call him,
I call him my brother.

I want you to know
That I’m the proudest sister in the world.
And no matter what your path will be
I’ll continue to believe
In “Semper Fi”.


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