The Future Fifteen

Fri, 07/25/2014 - 15:45 -- kg



The Future.

So many Stories...

...Become So many Realities.


Everyone has a Future:

His Future,

Her Future,

Our Future,

My Future.

My Future... 

A place so close for me,

A new start,

A new destination.


To get to this place

I must sail through ...


My last wave of high school.

Volunteering, Clubs, and homework for college,

 To achieve a degree in Education,

Or for Health Care knowledge.


The journey through the CURRENT will involve pain, sweat, and tears.

Along with studying, applications, and OVERCOMING FEARS.


After ending THE CURRENT,

I arrive at last to...


My Future.

A place of So Many Stories

That Become So Many Realities for Me.


And Now to Reflect

Its been a long Road...


...With All that I've DONE,

All that I've HEARD,

...And at last...

What I've SAID and SEEN...

...To Finally Arrive at THE FUTURE FIFTEEN.

...To Finally Arrive at the FUTURE FIFTEEN.



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