The Function of Memory

How will you do this?

Where is east?

Where is west?

The fist fits in the hand and the four corners touch only here.

the witch's finger, the little chef, the frying pan

What is your strategy? Tell a story. See the shape. Put them in order

It takes prectice - do it again an again and again.


Why does it take so long to remember these

and a moment to memorize

the sick cow lying in the field

the man hitting the dog

the waiting in the dark hospital room

the sickly smell of flowers at the funeral?


I am haunted by the details of

petty arguments over money

humiliating mistakes

words I couldn't take back

cold stares from those I sought to impress

and the worst imaginable pain in my teeth and in my heart.


How long will it take to erase these?

What is the opposite of memorization?

What is the total physical response of forgetting?





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