Frozen Dyke

They locked her away

put that dyke away

shes frozen in her bones

breasts like ice cream cones

they told her date that man

but around the room she scans

spotting melted girls

drowning in their curls

she found herself drowning to

grasping for their ice cream comes too

she felt locked in that room

surrounded by that homophobic doom

finally she found the key

shes the one who had that fucking key

shes the one who locked herself away

shes the one who called herself DYKE that day

she let herself out of that room

she untangled herself from that homophobic doom

she ran up to those ice cream girls

she jumped into their drowning curls

she let herself be not that dyke

but just a girl who flew the ice cream kite 

This poem is about: 
Our world



Wow love this keep writing please!

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