Frost like Frozen Panes

Tue, 02/10/2015 - 13:04 -- WYK20


I've looked at the tips of Icebergs

Of various dimensions and shapes

 For only so long my wonder can remain concealed

What lies beneath this monstrous piece of ice?




And then I look left, slowly fading to right

Disillusioned in my cause, this burden poured upon us together

A single shed tear tears apart the grips of the nation

From the prestigous mountains that scrape the sky to the precipipes down below under


Beyond the shimmering clouds who grace the sky, over the morning mourning seas

There. I see it. What I could never have alone.

People are starving, hating, tormenting, crying, pleading



No longer shall hatred manifest this reign

Break these chains that bind our minds!

Break the ones that restrained creativity!

Hindered inspiration and mangled our thoughts!


"That's in the past now"

I would love to say with open arms

But I'm stuck watching from the corner of the world

Wating for that moment...


Why wait? 

Lightning strikes me and the bulb is lit

An iceberg shows only its tips

And the rest is below to be seen


People, too are like this

As is the world

It  looks nice on the top

Within not so much


If this be true. only at the top I would gaze

Even if most is hidden away

So are the people who work for their life

To be free of thier burdens


Instead of hiding, I must show

Instead of wondering, I must know

Within this curse, there is a blessing

Waiting to be noticed


Akin to the underneath of the bergs





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Our world
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