The Friendzone

My bestfriend thinks this is a myth,

-didn't really have the heart to tell her that it's real,

and that I've experienced it.


I mean,

I guess I kind of told her,

though, I just warped a bunch of pronouns together.


This past year,

revolved around me not being an important matter,

-to my desired significant other.


Then something sunk in,


note: this story won't have lack of veracity.


Death seriously didn't care for me at all.

The dude didn't want my love,

even when my effort was more than enough.


I tried everything to get close to him,

-kept leading me on,

promised to be with me before the crack of dawn.


What alot of crap.


He sees me as something less,

-like an acquaintance,

yet I'm deemed as nameless.


But I thought about it.

Maybe death loves me,

He knows I can obtain victory if I stay here and keep fighting.


Jealousy could be another factor.

He knows I could do better with life,

than the end result of my heart being puntured by a knife.



someday we will be united together,

and the friendzoning will be a laughing matter.


If there is one thing I learned this past year-

death and I are great friendzone companions,

with an abundance of compassion.




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