A spark

It connects

Not like love

But something

Just as special

Strings slowly

Reach out

And start

To tie

Into knots

Lots and lots

Until soon

All you see

Is a big

Ball of string

You don't know

Where it began

Or where it ends

But it pulses

With jokes

And laughter

With late night


Early morning


And whispered



And confessions

Advice and arguments

They're all there

Silence and noise



Peaceful days

Fun memories

And sad ones

Strength and courage

Fondness and nostalgia

But with one betrayal

Or one lie

With one action

Just one little thing

Can cause the ball

To unravel

To die

And it's as if

It never existed

It never was

But more strings


They huddle and twist


Supporting frail threads

That are turning

Into wisps

Blowing away

With the faintest


But no more

New threads are added

One by one

Giving stability

Lifting up the string

Faster and faster

More and more

And soon enough

A bigger ball is left

Bigger than before

And strings may seem

Fragile and frail

Vulnerable to everything

But in multitude

It's strong

And a force

To be reckoned with

Just like a friend

Isn't it?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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