The Freshman Summer Break Blues


There are 720 Days of High School give or take

That’s almost two years for goodness sake!

If I’m going to sit in a desk for that long

I should tell my teacher’s where they go wrong

First thing’s first, let’s talk bout summer vacation

Don’t want to illustrate where I went, don’t want to hold conversation

I’d rather be in Spain, chilling at the beach

Don’t want to write an essay! Don’t you get it, Sheesh!

And no I do not want to make a nametag

I want to go shopping! Where’d I put my tote bag?

Can you please not give my friend’s assigned seats?

No don’t split us up, I promise we won’t cheat

Just added Biology to my list of boring classes

Ugh I think you’re joking, I’m not wearing those glasses

Walk into Geometry, today we have a test

No! Don’t even say it; I know I’ll do my best

And when you’re sure that you know I’ll Fail

Please don’t send my mom an email

Time for Gym, looks like were running, just my luck

First place gets a water bottle…I really don’t give a flying… never mind

Done with the run, straight to the locker room

Time for French Class, time to meet my doom

“Bonjour mes étudiants, comment allez-vous?”

Oh shoot I really should have done my summer review

Why do I need to take a foreign language in the first place

The only education i need doesn't require this much embrace

In my honest opinion, I miss summer break

And a strike on school is what I really want to take

So I hope you teachers please cut me some slack

Because the first day of school has been nothing but jack!





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