Freestyle for Aaron

Keeps me on my toes like a dancer 

Watch my words curtsey at the end of each line

Enunciating as if my words didn't fall short with country

Not ready to confess, but I'll write 

Twirling off stage as I twirl off topic 

But I may never receive the round of applause I need

My words may not reach without conviction in my speech

But it's harder than it seems


Distributing pieces of me


My secrets aren't being kept private

My wishes are revealed

But continuously I break the seal- off of my lips

'Cause im crying out

To be heard, to be helped?

I'd rather just be felt


But these rhymes contain too much soul

I am just not able to contain

I choose to share my heart, my pain

Intrigued by the moon and in the rain 

In love with things that'll never come true

Like the abolishment of money

The abolishment of slavery 

And a world that wants to help the youth

2:26 and my mind runs rampant

2:26 A.M. that is 

Floetry comes natural with or without intent


I fell in love and occasionally it brings me sweet dreams

It brings me peace in the midst of this war in which I'm currently engaged

Shaping this forming poet is a war between mind and heart so I meditate

Passion gives me power

I thirst for truth and knowledge

Inching closer to the edge. Im closer

Too scared to jump. I might break a leg

As the red curtain closes

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