FreeSoul versus Education


Keep on failing you'll end up being a failure of life,

My mind views it from a angle-lized distance,

How my very own teacher is pushing statistics,

Not realizing every individualized mind is different,

so why teach 30 kids in the classroom the same system,

Having students learn old instead of building,

the potential for a new genaration civalization is what some teachers are killing,

when educating, make sure it is relevant to life,

not just something that cause confusion with a potential to take a life,

sometimes a student may want to take a weapon to the head.

because his teacher who he calls "miss" was having him (miss-led),

There's a difference between thinking academically and logically,

Dont you see the new youth has the power to create a new economy,

I dont blame the teacher either for she herself is enslaved in a monopoly,

she just need for someone to show her the pictures, the right photography

let our students learn freely gaining limitless knowledge past the stars in astrology

Now Ms. Jackson tell the principal and Obama this is my thought truthfully and honestly





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