Freedom is state of mind

Freedom is a state of mind that I've learned to conquer

Through determination, motivation and dedication


I let society’s wicked tongue

Destroy my resilient figure

I spent hours in front of the mirror changing

What wasn’t mine to change


A tangled mess, I fed my pool of insecurities

thick lips of lies painted lollipop red

I was obsessed.

The chains of Prejudice wrapped around my body

Eating away at my inner soul

I was oppressed.


It wasn’t until I freed myself from these deadly chains of social prejudice,

self-loathing and insecurities

That I realized I couldn’t let people smother my flame


From starvation to Education

I embodied this new mentality;

real freedom is understanding my complex design

Loving my imperfections, and feeding my thirst for knowledge


This new found freedom gave me the strength to clarify the single story of my African roots

I stood tall with pride; my crown restored

My voice echoed with inspiration

capturing the hearts of many


No longer a prisoner of my own body,

I shed the vestiges of enslavement

And embraced my inner beauty

Because I realized freedom is nothing more

than a state of mind

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