Freedom Of Speech


-I live a new life now, its with Christ now, no matter how my background went down, my intent now is to live alright now, the wrongs that i write down, insight to fight the wrong so they live right now, im talking right now, im talking bout the kids with guns and blunts livin for da fun but done cuz they painted in black an white stripes now. He had a dream, but its corrupt now, cuz Martin Luther King didn't go on strike to get struck out, Rosa Park didn't sit on the back of bus to get bust out, Tubman didn't bleed just to let the blood out and blacks didn't get hung just so we can hang out, but we love to hang out, sit back and stay chillen, chillen like a villain, well you need to start acting like a civilian, and start makin millions, hop off ya Call of Duty, and ill take a step further sir, because no matter how many kills you get,you still look like a murderer.they say its just xbox, so they tell me dont start dat barkin, but if you really had heart, look wat happened to Treavon Martin. I love the Christ, and peace is the my outcome, but sometimes i need to rotate that Cross(+) into a X like Malcolm.. blockade the mess, i am blessed to stand out from, the broken, the weak, and the hopeless , i thank God im not living on the streets, homeless .. and racism still exist, but i don't mean to terrify you, just know not everybody is out there to care for you, the truth always may seem a bit skeptical but meditate on these words that could get a bit technical. see the feds are fed bread to aim a red dot at our head and said we have no value so we better left dead, well look, wat im bout to say should better ya chatacta.   if the      KLU KLUX,    BLOODS, and    CRIPS stop shooting clips, joining clicks, WE could form da army of America ,USA. WHITE    RED  and  BLUE, and i mean that from hairs of my head to the soles of my shoes, this is my soldier salute, to those in camo boots, but some are gone now, nothing but red soulless suits, of a another bunch of dead hopeless recruits.. so i pray that our future evolves, nothing to big of a problem that we can't solve but Wat good do our parents do if they just say screw us, cuz we were already born iin a world of trouble and all that you give us, but now i say forgive us, bcuz we need forgiveness, and plz listen to our sorrow, cuz no matter wat anyone says WE are still the future of tomorrow... Those aren't words of a coward who speaks, no, just me, and the power of my freedom of speech.


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