Freedom is Slavery

Freedom is slavery when although I can dream of entering any university I desire, the color of my skin causes me to just be a demographic

Freedom is found in my gender never getting in the way of receiving a position in the workplace, but slavery is seen when a man is chosen over me for a raise and that is tragic

Freedom is found in my education, but somehow that education has enslaved me and I am now a prisoner that cannot escape

Freedom is found in how women are allowed to walk the streets in solitude, but enslaved as long as there is still the existence of rape

Freedom is found in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and the government

Yet slavery will forever exist as long as shackles are formed from the way these rules are bent

Freedom is found through our words and our actions, until we are enslaved because somehow it is offensive

Freedom is found in how we can choose to take any path that makes us happy, yet we are enslaved when that does not cause success in how we live

Freedom is found in religion and how we practice it, yet we are enslaved when this religion cannot be outwardly spoken in the classroom

Freedom is found in the female ability to have a bright future, yet enslaved to the expectation of forever living alongside a mop and a broom

Freedom is slavery when the enslaved wear the mask of the free


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