Freedom is Moving On

My toes dig deep

Deep into the water drenched dirt

I run through the plant cover forest


I float toward a small room

I dance through the place where memories live

I move quick as though monsters chase after me



Like a dream I see you again

In the room of memories

With candy colored glass

And a large bed


Your thighs twisted

    With mine

Your knees push

     Into mine 

Your lips nibble 


You don't see my eyes

     Now slick with tears

You don't see how parched  I am

     How you drain me so much

My breathing slows and I feel like i might die

     If you don't let go


Passing through the fire colored back door

My heart races as I see freedom

Stars litter a velvet night sky

And roses cover the dry ground



My mind sifts through

Days of waste

Of me crying in parked cars


But you will no longer haunt me

I have found a better man

Who helps me wiggle through life


His love helps me forget the hurt

     With is bright eyes

     His soft loving kiss

     And his long encompassing hugs


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