Freedom is Handy


United States
25° 35' 42.2088" N, 80° 23' 57.354" W

Yank out the boundary and grip the independence.
Point out we can do whatever we want.
We the people, are trapped, but we attempt to grasp for the limitless
We try hard, sweat dripping down a scar, falling out of our palms.
Fighting, may it be through a fist or the way we write to defeat our fear,
Making sure it feels every knuckle so
we can have thumbs up or a pat on the shoulder.

Pinky promise that everything is possible.
We can commit to a goal like a ring finger,
But then again here's a middle finger taller than the rest.
Flick away all the other prisons,
Slap away all the limits,
Clap when you've reached it.
Touch the success of liberty.

Nails might get dirty and cracked,
But we all want to grab bliss.
Rip out our heart,
and analyze the others poking
bewildered at the free will.

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