Freedom For Granted

Sometimes we think that,

Others are spoiled, and we are victims.

It is proposed,

“This country is dying, failing, a broken system,”

“Was it ever great?” they echo,

Each election hastens shock and recoil,

Each worse,

Not one better,

Does no one realize what we own?

Have we forgotten the right on birth we loaned?

America the Beautiful, the Democratic, the Diverse.

Rights of free speech, religion, and, Preservation against self-incrimination.

Occupy Wall Street,

Black Lives Matter,

Not My President,

Can be seen, evident,

Can traverse our streets,

Open protest can barrage our campus meets.

Criticism of our leaders spoken without issue;

That is “the beautiful.”

Opinion by definition is not right or left or wrong;

America is a delicious melting pot of flavor and song.

We take for granted our privilege as the hairs are split,

Progress is forgotten,

Rights are painted as hit or miss.

Know your worth as an American,

Where the prejudice have the same rights as the prejudged,

Where the democratic process is slow, nasty, and purposed.

Much needs improvement, this no one argues,

But turn off the cable and digest the facts,

We’re a nation of ever evolving beings,

Social media scenes,

Big ideas and incredible dreams.

Thank you to our forefathers,

The men and women in uniform at the gates,

And everyone who on this poem might hate,

Because your expression, combined with mine,

Is what makes my country so great.


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My community
My country
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