Freedom of Expression


This is my body,

this is my hair.

You may be the new principle,

but I don't care.

You're an awful person,

and I can't stand you.

I will NEVER wear a school uniform,

I will stay true.


another clone to society!


something that is not me!

I will do as I wish,

I shall wish as I do.

I can't help that I'm something,

that does not please you.

I will NOT apologize for any that I have done,

if you would open up your big head,

you would see,

how good this actually is.

You are only promoting bullying,

helping kids like me be an easier target for the mean.

You are forcing us all to fight somewhere in society's "norm",

I will not stand for it, you will hear me ROAR!

Instead of forcing us to all be the same,

and punish those who are brave enough to be different,

you should be teaching us all to be different,

so no one can be bullied for not being the same.

This is my body,

this is my hair.

I will stay different,

because you cannot chain the air.

I will peirce whatever I wish,

I will dye however much I desire.

I shall stand out in my crowd,

and resist your restrictions until you tire.





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