Freedom: A Dream or Reality?

"...and we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men were created equal..."

1776; It was a constitutional statement that society swore under the honor of god

But isn't it odd

That only white men, were the right men, to be licensed to have rights then?

It makes you wonder...were all men created equal? Or just white men period?

But on a note that's serious...

No radical changes or arrangements were put in place for African Americans

Until the 20th century

Even though they had rights

It was like a penitentiary

Restricting all their might

The concept far from elementary

They're far too bright

To know that even after a century

Of waiting with patience

And being told that things will be better evntually

Nothing will ever change...cause at the end of the day

Your skin is still night

And even with all rights...nothing will ever be All...right.




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