Freedom Creates The Chance To Act


Freedoms more than doing whatever the @#!*% you please,

It's taking your new trust and using it to seize,

Every dream or goal pondered about in your head,

And acheiving them, making them reality instead.


But this means you have to go and do it all yourself,

You can't let that dream get buried on a shelf,

Hidden behind supposable can'ts,

Impossibles, no's, and the hating fans.


You show them what you got,

Everything inside,

You can't fall back and get taken on a ride.

Down a road to a bad, bad place,

And the tabloids are covered with pictures of your face.


You're not Lindsey Lohan,

You have self control,

Get back on track and get back on a roll,

Back into the game,

Back into what counts,

Use what you're good at,

Every single ounce.


Use all your strength,

Use all your power,

Use it to build a better celebrity tower,

High above the rest till you're untouchable,

Be like the Grinch, and dodge the long poles.


Now you're back in it,

You're in it to win it,

First chapter's over,

Intermission for a minute.


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