Segregation, to divide based on class, race, or religion
Why have you betrayed me?
I am a black child
My race is your legacy
I am your first born son
So why must I ask you
Are you my friend or my enemy?
Just because you broke the chains does not make you a good Shepard
You maketh my lie down my humanity
You leadeth me beside the waters of injustice
Freedom, you wanted them to hate me
Hate me, my brothers, my sisters, my family
Freedom, you watched them lynch me
Hang me from tree tops because my skin was kissed by the great star
Freedom, you let them rape me
And walk away slowly, smiling knowing they will never be bound in the chains I once was
Freedom, you saw them kill our babies and leave their bodies in the street like dogs
Freedom I hate you! You are hypocrisy, a con-artist constantly coming at a price
You alone are the reason I am afraid of ropes and chains, crosses and flames
Your promises are empty
They fill me woth nothing because I know I will never eat from the master's table.

This poem is about: 
My community


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