To Free My Demons


There was a time when I was free,

of any worry and fear.

There was a time when I wanted to fly,

visit all over, far and near.


But then you reach a certain age,

where time seems to move quicker. 

And that desire to move forward,

diminishes to a mere flicker.


Things begin to seem out of reach,

when reality hits you like a baseball bat.

And every dream you've ever had,

falls from a building, landing with a SPLAT!


But your dreams are never really gone,

they're never too far away.

And even if you begin to feel down,

you can always pick yourself up, any day.


With just a bit of poetry,

you can release the darkness.

You can pick yourself up,

and be in charge of your success.


Move on from the pain,

move towards the light.

Because when you're done with it all,

you'll know it was worth the fight.


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