Free Falling

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 16:09 -- bmena
The air reeks of the forgotten
Slowly sinking, wasting
Among them stand one
One not just one but two
One fades out the other fades in
It looks like it’s one but its two 
Hell seems empty
All the demons are in his head
They burst with color himself slowly fading
Popped one in, in came there but came out of there
Came in not one but three came out of there
Come in, come out
It feels like drowning
But everyone is breathing
His only friend the dealer
And for that he felt he felt in that the feeling
The feeling for that for that he was feeling
For that he was feeling or feeling for it
But then shone a light so warm and pure – an angel
Her dress once white showered a red like a rose
Her melodies ceased washed away with the current or grief
Singing a song she sang a song she sang worth singing
But not a song she sang he sung
He sang a song she not sang 
One fades out the other fades in
His only friend the drug dealer
Came in one then two then three
His own haunting hymns quiet
It was like falling; scary, but the best feeling
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