Free Cookies

Tue, 06/18/2019 - 11:49 -- joanika

At a local grocery store they offer free cookies to kids.

The peeling sign plastered on the glass pastry case reads

“Hey Kids! Have a FREE cookie!”

with a blonde cartoon girl smiling

as she enjoys her cherry chip cookie.

They used to have cherry chip and chocolate chip,

but now they’ve just got plain old sugar.

I know because I’ve been eating these cookies since I was four years old.

I always told myself there would be a day when I would stop eating them.

“I won’t eat them anymore once I’m…

In double digits! (10)

A teenager! (13)

Allowed to drive! (16)

Officially not a kid anymore! (18)


I’ve grown up in so many ways.

I’ve traveled to other countries alone

when I used to get homesick at sleepovers.

I’ve finished my first year of college

1,500 miles away from my parents.

I’ve challenged myself to try new things

when I used to be afraid of failure.


And at 19 years old,

I’ve finally stopped eating the free kids grocery store cookies.


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