Free to be the Same


We've created an army of identical twins,
318,457,385 of them today, more tomorrow.
All mirror images staring blankly back at each other,
unable to see the similarities, 
yet alike as two pieces of college rule notebook paper.
Equally as faded and as useless as its next door duplicate.
We've created an army of harsh congruency, 
an army that demands uniformity,
an army called society.
Rules and regulations that are never verbalized,
but always known as if they were the knife in a body 
lying on the decorated rug in the middle of the party.
Demands as silent and almost more threatening.
Be yourself... as long as being yourself is what we desire.
Try something new, but only if the stolid bandwagon that is this army 
will jump on and drag the new down to the weathered graves of the old.
Go ahead and change the world in a way that doesn't actually fix anything,
it just needs to feel more aesthetic. 
We've created an army of disciples worshipping
the gods of trending and following.
And why doesn't anyone step out of line?
Because like any army: you desert, you get shot.
Of course some soldiers break, 
they can't color in the lines anymore.
But we barely notice their bodies strewn around as 
we race on towards social standing.
We've created an army of parasites
greedily sucking all the originality out of one victim
before leaving their exoskeleton in search of another.
This army we've created is indestructible.
I'm no pessimist, but when each brute continues
following these trends, swallowing more useless societal norms,
and demanding, "boys can't like pink, it's a girl's color."
"Forget how you feel, just feel how we say you should."
"Do these 'new' things, we've decided their okay for everyone."
If each entity in this army continues like this,
this army will continue to destroy individuality.
Maybe this army is unstoppable, who cares?
Be the defective drone, the one who steps out of line.
Yeah, it won't be pretty...
but it is possible that if enough of us cross that line,
we'll leave a big enough pile of bodies to be noticed. 


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