Freakishly Flawless


*I might be freak, but I'm a Flawless Freak.

Freak for life, freak for my music, freak for 

self-expression that my be out of the ordinary

I'm flawless in self-expression that makes me happy


*I'm flawless with my body, it may feel gross sometimes,

or I may feel flawless myself. My range of confidence is 

okay. Either way I am flawless.  I express myself with dance;

expressed in the arms of love, or lively with crazy moves

What you think of my  piercings or potenical tatoos

does not concern you.

I am a flawless freak that will blossom in my self-expression.


*I'm flawless in my music choice. I'm a freak for classic 

rock and the adventures of old. What i would give to 

be a freak taking part of that world. The progressive 

rock in my family is also what makes me a freak.

Do you even know what that is? If not, it's okay.

I am a flawless freak that will believe in rock forever.


*I'm Flawless with Faith, created in His image

 A Jesus freak, Perfect in the eyes of God

He knows my freakish sin and deepest depths of my soul

The sin that harbors in my heart

Still, I am good enough for Him, Flawless and loved



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