Frankly Flawed


“But still beautiful…”


Every day I wake up,
Breathing life into my system.
Inhaling the wonders a new day.

A day that’s going to break me down,
Tear me around
And show me just how flawed I am.

A day that’s going to remind me
That me, myself and I are nothing
 But trivial in the grander schemes of life.

But every day I wake up,
Breathing the same air that has driven me to live.
To live past these hardships.
To tear down the walls that suffocate me.
And to simply breathe.

Breathe in the excitement I feel when I pass a test.
Breathe in the relief I receive when I fit into that new dress.
Breathe in the assurance I get when my peers tell me it’s all okay.
Breathe in the fact that I may be flawed, but I surely feel flawless.

My imperfections fit perfectly together in the being that is me.
I am what’s keeping myself alive.
I am what’s breathing my life.
I am what’s living through each imperfection,
Each mistake
And reminding myself that
Frankly, I am flawed
But feel beautifully flawless nonetheless.

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