Fragments of Me

I am...

The girl who saw the truth too early, 

when I should not have glimpsed. 

Like the tempted Eve I cast aside my Eden, 

and have been expelled from the garden of roses. 

Where the children play in fields of velvet flowers, 

until many seasons pass and they wilt away. 

But for me it was fleeting, 

and now I can never return. 

I am...  

The girl in red that came across a wolf; 

his eyes hungry for her flesh. 

I was not tempted by his charms, 

but he took me anyway. 

Further from the garden of roses, 

where the children play. 

I am... 

The girl who loves deeply, 

especially the ones who share my blood. 

We are broken, 

but we are one. 

I am...  

The girl who keeps walking, 

even as my breath leaves me. 

An empy void lies ahead, 

and it is where we all must go.

There is the thumping of a heart, 

longing to escape its cage. 

But it fears the shadows, 

the ones in the void. 

Some hurt, but others are warm, 

and I descend into the unknown. 

Further I draw myself away, 

from the garden of roses. 

Where the children play. 



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this is absolutely wonderful.

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