Fragmented Existence


I have a dry ass reality

A reality filled with corridors

 And cobwebs

of unrequited dreams

I’m within a dimension

That I can’t fathom



Putting on of my hands

To spell out this sign language

Something is here that I cannot

Bare to stand

The words cannot be heard

Letting my fence down is too facile

My soul must move with me

Because when no one is hearing my voice

I gotta know that God can.

And when everyone only sees one perceived concept of my identity

I must understand that many are missing out on the true me.

More than the deepness in my brown eyes

More than the tip toeing of my funny, shy disposition

More than the failing of my failures that speaks more than I do

Repeat my past?


I am rooted

Unapologetically Black

Passionate to the peak of a fiery climax

I manage to cleave what I discover to be me

And still remain sane

Doesn’t anyone see?

My flawed judgments and underdeveloped aims

Removing the clamor in my mind makes room for my starved passions to grow

Even though I remain perplexed on what I thirst for most


I no longer continue apprehensively

My fears I will wear on my sleeve

The tendons in my hand are inflamed

With dismissed chances

I’m still repairing them so that I can play this instrument called life.

I will rip my skin to show you that I am a work in progress.

And I will never apologize for being broken.



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