A four stage storm


Bipolar is:extreme changes in mood, from mania to depression. Between these mood episodes, a person with bipolar disorder may experience normal moods.

My idea of bipolar:


A four stage storm

Stage one

Blue skies and clear days!

Hot summer days

Calm and  flowing easy


Stage two

I am ecstatic

The world is going my way

Who needs sleep?

Talking a million miles an hour

Thoughts racing

Heart pounding

Days change and

Speed by nothing can slow me down



Stage three

Storm clouds gather

Dark thoughts


What am i doing?

Why am i like this?


Stage four


Days dark as night

Drowning myself in bed sheets

To hard to breath

To hard to eat

Why am i here?

Why should i try?



Hours stretch on forever

Time seems to slow

Until slowly

The sun comes out

And it all starts again

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