Lost. Broken. Alone. 

No where to go. No where to hide. 

Exposed. Broken. Out in the open.

Is it worth it? Can I get past this pride?

You break me. You rearrange me. You carry me and change me.

In You, I am free to be exposed. 

Because at that very moment, I am found. I am whole.

In pieces, I am no more, because you make me clean. You put me back together after everything has fallen apart.

What can I do? In this place I can smile.

Cheek to cheek I grin, because in you I win.

Victory, yes. It is mine. I have a reason to rhyme. 

You give me. 

Freedom. Hope. Peace.

This courage I can't contain.

This fear I will refrain.

Because in you. I. Am. Free.

No longer hopeless, but hopeful

No longer blind, cause now I can see. 

No longer lost, but found.


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