A miraculous adventure was coming for me

Although the fields of roses were still as the night

I felt that shake that brought me to my knees

And once i opened my eyes, what i saw was pure fright

I grabbed it. I grabbed it fast.

I felt another shake, and then another!

Yet another, I hit my head, but at last

That pesky old crew was a bother.

When I awoke, I saw the wide, open vastness of a sandy beach

But I remembered I had that thing

I said "finding food should be a peach"

I can start anew, I don't need to worry about anything

I started walking with IT in my pocket

I thought, and I thought, as I walked alone

I pulled it out and looked at the locket

Then I felt a swift chill to the bone

Snow. It was Snowing. How does it snow

Here on an island I wonder

I heard a noise, It sounded like a crow.

It was one. dark and majestic, I wonder..

What felt like years, was only 6 days.

I still found no food. Strange, I'm not hungry..

There must be some sort of way.

I wonder even harder. Why am I not hungry?

I turn around a large rock, and there she is, standing, staring

Her beautiful lips, those caressing legs.

But, as I look closer, It is not what I thought she was, caring.

She rushed forward, and a black wind came over me. I was dead.

I quickly grabbed the locket, the one with her beautiful face.

I held onto it tight with my fist

Then, out of nowhere, I heard the sound of the waves

As I looked out into the waters, there it was. A Ship.




This poem is about: 
Our world


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