Forgiveness is a shovel

Sat, 02/16/2019 - 19:48 -- tokii

the itch at my ear

the soft thrum, the familiar tone


the voice faded from memory

the cooing lost from dreams when nights were still sweet

the hushed comforts lulling a child into oblivious sleep

the call of my name


then our parting in that shadowed place

I still feel the warm embrace

And harbor the chill left in its space


And I fear that the emptiness is systemic

Decaying beneath a hidden hatch with a broken latch

To rob me of light when days are most bright


So I wade through the mire that you left

To pry the latch and unearth the hatch

to find where your sweet voice was spoiled

And to burn the fossils that were kept in the soil


And I find that the words that you spoke

Will not follow me into the days ahead

Now that the hatch is emptied

My soul is light again


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