To the man who took the most precious thing a young girl could have...

You cut me so deep inside that I may never heal properly from this. 

All I wanted to do was just cry my heart out for how much pain I was in.

The emotions it brought me will never be dissimalable theyĺl always be there. 

I was alone and before you know it I started getting out of control. 

The feelings I had they were just killing me inside how could you FATHER?

I couldn´t tell anyone you fed in my head if I did I would be gone forever. 

It haunted me in my dreams everytime it came to my mind it would hurt.

My so called ¨FATHER¨ you where suppose to protect me from this.

But you were the one doing it all to me and feeding me things i didnt want to know.

You called me mom.. Where did i remind you of your mom to make you do this to me.

You played it off so well. Day time was so fun with you. You were my FATHER!

At night I didn´t know who you were but in my heart it was you all along. 

Everyday I loved you no matter what you did to me. I view myself today.

Look at how amazing Iám. Yes i haven´t seen you in a very long time. 

No you didn´t go to jail but you will soon pay your prize. You don´t hurt what you love.

Everyday I pray for your wellness you are a free man. But I´m a prisoner inside.

I´ve had counceling for years and still hasn´t helped me. 

I will be okay. I´am a survior and will continue to be one no matter what happens. 

You set my soul on fire but it has cooled down. I love you dad no matter what you did.

I forgive you FATHER and love you no matter what you have done to me. 

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My family
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