Forgetting how to Breath

The second a bird desides to move, it does not forget how to flap its wings--If you hear a fish commit to a destination, it doesn't just sink to the bottom--With a mirror standing, how can it be that the ram forgets how to walk when it wants to climb the mountain--See the problem is not with his legs, nor his mind, nor his thoughts--The sun has set a thousand times, leading the ram to the top--Without thinking he rises, like steam off the hellish desert floor--The lives around his tracks, turns greener than the amazon--For the ram becomes the bird, and boubles to the top-- When the moon scratches the peak, there is nothing there--The ram stands tall on a hallow hill--The man who runs, runs without a man--The thousands of eyes become the red sea filled with egyptians that coat the floor,as the man runs from peak to peak--The eroding hoves and the cut feet both carve a david, like a mindless copy of Hamlet that soceity has yet to see--To drag the mind of the greatest detective out of the laberenth you've spent years to make, you do not cover the mountian, you show him it--The second you make a room for the hill in your heart, the heart will not come--The only way to kill the man, is to tell him that he should  breath.


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