Forever After I'm Gone


When I don’t hear but the breath of the soul,

I sometimes allow the single tear to stream down my cheek,

As the memories of you gently drift back to me.



As my heart yearns to see your compassionate face just once more,

And how I hope that I will awaken from this surrealism,

Which one might call a dream,

To find you where you used to be.



Where you’d always wait for me,

Where you’d listen to me,

Where you’d love me.



Though you may have left me,

I allow you to still live on,

In the memories you left,

Lives you changed,

And hearts you touched.



Though I can’t see you,

I know you can see me,

I know that it is only temporary,

And someday,

We will reunite.



As I await for the day to come when we reconvene,

All I have are the memories of you,

Which I will hold dear to my heart,

As long as I may live,

 And forever after I’m gone.



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My family
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