I always feared saying "I'd love you forever"
Ever since the day we had first got together
For forever has always been a really long time
And I wasn't sure if you were ready to be always mine.
I was ready to be yours till the end of the world
For I knew deep within you were the perfect girl.
And perfection is perfected in all our imperfections
Once given enough time and a lack of misconceptions.
You told me you loved me, you swore it was true
I believed you every time and said the same to you
You're no longer here, though you promised to never leave
I always was afraid but still I wanted to believe.
Yet never is like forever, if not longer still
You've moved on to someone else though I doubt I ever will.
Even if I find my other half, how would I know for sure
I thought I knew with you, looks like my judgement's poor.
For since forever is forever long
You'll never really know if you're ever right or wrong
Until your staring at the face of your apparent destiny
Thinking, oh just thinking, "Is this the rest of me?"


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