For what?



And that’s when you let out

A breathless sigh

That you’ve been holding in

Since the beginning

Without even realizing


He is a tidal wave

That has been pushing against a dam

Ever since you first denied him

The pleasures of the skin


Pleasures that you deeply

Wanted to succumb to

But that your virtues

Prevented you from


And he, thinking that he could get to you

With enough time,

After a while

Uttered the words, “I love you”

Thinking that he had finally captured you fully

Searching your eyes for confirmation


You lit up

You smiled

You glowed


But that wasn’t enough for you

Because you’ve heard that before


Sometimes you believed it

Other times you doubt them


But never before

Have any of them said,


No, never that


Because saying,


Is somewhat ridiculous




Saying it is final

It is the ultimate test

To ensnare the heart of a girl

In an inescapable trap


You don’t know what forever is really like

Yes, it’s in the movies

Where it brings joyous tears

To your eyes

But you don’t know what it’s like

In reality


You’ve read about couples

Married for 57 years

But you’ve never seen it


And you want to believe him

With all your soul

With your entire being

So much so that you almost do


You almost thrust yourself

Fling yourself entirely

Into his maybe truth

His maybe lie

Because almost nothing lasts forever

Almost nothing is for sure


But you’ve been unknowingly

Waiting for this

Your whole life


So you start to believe him

And looking back on that moment

You reprimand yourself for not seeing it

For not seeing the glint in his eye

That devilish glint


You could have


You should have


Stared back at him

With all the courage you had inside of you

Mixed with only a bit of regret at that time

And said, “No”

And walked away


No looking back

No explanations

Avoiding heartbreak later on


But you were terrified

Scared that he would’ve been telling you the truth

And that you would’ve walked away

From happiness


So you stayed

Not knowing that as he at a later time

Tugged off your clothes

That he did in fact at that moment

Love you

But that it would not be forever


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